Making A Difference

For a summary of findings, look at the main findings page.

Dependent variable: Making A Difference

Ind variables: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Student/Non-student, Period studied abroad(years),  Economic Situation, Political Situation, Human Rights And Media Freedom, Interracial harmony, Education, Crime, Religion, Moral Duty, Family, Job, Future.

SIGNIFICANCES (in brackets) AND COEFFICIENTS[in square brackets]:

Explanation- Significance tests how strong a correlation the independent variable has to the dependent variable. Coefficient tests how the dependent variable changes with an increase of one point on the independent variable.

Political situation [-0.089], education [-0.066], moral duty [-0.047] (0.002)

Future [-0.060] (0.005)

Family [-0.042] (0.022)

Job [0.033] (0.041)

YoungOld [-0.285] (0.068)

The factors above explain 46% of the variance in the dependent factor (very good result).

ANOVA significance of 0.000% – complete statistical significance.


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