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  1. K L Chew says:

    Keep up the good work, hope you get some interesting results. As a matter of interest, you can check the Australian immigration records regarding migration from Malaysia to Australia. I don’t know if its the same but a few years ago, the majority of Malaysians applying to Australia were Malays, not non-Malays, which is an interesting topic by itself.

  2. Derek Tan says:

    A commendable attempt at researching a thorny subject. However could I boldy say that its perhaps ‘nothing new’ but merely re-afirms what many of us (being Chinese Malaysians) already suspect! I would be very careful in making broad recommendations due to your sample which is heavily skewed i.e (1) ethinicity being mainly of chinese. (2) age group centred around 18 – 27(?), (3) mainly student population, etc, etc. Also under occupation, 192 responded ‘other employment'(?) can lead to erroneous results. At the very least this significant figure needs to more elaboration. I’m surprise you did not ask how long these respondents have been overseas as I suspect there is will be a correlation to wanting to ‘come back’. It would also be of interest to know where these respondents are. Perhaps if you still have time, do extend your survey so as to include other age groups, other ethenicity, and include career prospects, family and community ties overseas, etc. Nice read tho. Good luck.

  3. Derek Tan says:

    Check this site and its other forum links for more useful opinions and thoughts on your topic. cheers.

  4. safwan says:

    hie sir, i really interested with your research. for your information sir, i’m one of IPTA students in Malaysia. In 2o11, i will finished my study in degree in Business Economics. So as a requirement, we need to conduct a research. I really interested about brain drain: A cases in Malaysia, to be a title of my research. sir, i need your help…can i get information related in this topic from you?can i get example of questionnaire?and anything related with this topic… email me or add me at Facebook- safone tassbih(my nick name)..thanx again sir…i just students, not affordable to pay you sir..but i promise to work hard and contribute something benefits to human world..tq

  5. Greg Lopez says:

    Hi there Evelyn,

    Read about your survey on The MI and found it very interesting.

    I’d like to invite you to write a short op-ed on this topic for The New Mandala – a blog based at the College of Asia Pacific, Australian National University. It seeks to bring new perspectives to issues affecting Southeast Asia.

    Thanks for your kind consideration.


  6. Albert says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    To answer your question: Will I return to Malaysia? Yes, only for holidays and visits, to savour the delicacies and to meet with old friends and relatives. But to return for good – NEVER. I might put up with PR status in Singapore in order to setup a business enterprise or retire as a snowbird in Thailand.

    At the rate the resources being plundered, even with a completely revamped government, Malaysia’s future will deteriorate into a 3rd world nation for the next 5 to 10 years. It will take 1 to 2 generations to totally change the mindset of the authorities and civil servants.

    Despite the above, even if Malaysia miraculously outdo Singapore, there must exist a motivation strong enough to uproot oneself again to return to Malaysia. Here are some of my arguments:

    When you move from a village to KL city, your life sets back a year or two. Moving from country to country will set back our lives by at least 3 to 5 years depending on individuals. That is why they call it uprooting. Each uprooting cause an interruption to onces life progression just to adapt. It is like reformating your computer harddrive, imagine the unproductive time lost.

    Try imagining yourself having moved from a small village (Senama estate) 6 miles away from Bahau town in Negri Sembilan, and settling down in KL city have kids, a good career, adapted to a comfortable life style with such convenience. Would you want to uproot yourself from KL city and move back to this underdevelop village ( I consider Malaysia as below developed in terms of economic, political, education and social scale).

    Unless there is a civil war that threathen my families safety, it is unlikely that I will leave Canada. If I have to re-emmigrate again, I might choose Australia, New Zealand or Switzerland. Malaysia will be my lesser choice of preference.

    I sent an article ” A true Nomad // Dec 22, 2010 at 8:15 am” to your blog – Why is Malaysia experiencing a brain drain.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy 2011 New Year.


  7. Miner oz says:

    Glad to have found this website. Reaffirms everything. Old news but good to hear it again from many people on the same boat.

    I was actually looking out for action plans in my reads on this website. That would be new and forward moving. I found two. One was to have a group of people to do the reforming; within the politacal scene. The second one I picked out was to have a special school for the under priviledged – which could be extended to those who had to depend on the quota to get tertiary education or scholarships; instead of denying those better achievers their rightful opportunities.

    I believe more action plans thrown up in the air (thought up carefully first) would do benefit to bringing improvements to the country. I agree that the complaints must go on and also published and heard. But there must also be another side of thoughts to be dedicated to find/propose solutions or discuss pro/cons of possible solutions.

  8. Chew says:

    Maybe the sequel of your research I can suggest be “Will you leave Malaysia ?”

  9. Freedom says:

    Been back for around 8 months after completing my PhD. Working in an MNC now but the job isn’t too interesting. Pay is above average for Malaysia.

    Now, I’m debating whether I should leave Malaysia again. I have no confidence in the government and way things are being run, but my parents are here. Going to Singapore is probably the best option for me at the moment.

    • mikeng says:

      Hi Freedom,

      Should give it some thought. Worth while to give it a try to consider your options to work in Singapore. I am a ex-Malaysian now. Came to Singapore after my Form 6. Studied in NUS, found a job, worked here and got married to a fellow Malaysian (now ex-Malaysian)…have a son in primary school here.

      You did not mention the field of your PhD study. But whatever it is, I feel that it is worth while trying. You should try to google search A*Star Singapore, ie. Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Really…no harm trying to find something to do here. If you are not happy here, you can always move on to another location or return to Malaysia. Important thing is to give it a try…give yourself a chance…

      My parents are still in Malaysia, so are my In-Laws. They visit us very regularly and we do the same during the school holidays. It is near enough for those who need to make trips back to Malaysia for any emergencies or short trips. Busses, coaches, train and Air Asia…not a major issue…

      Take care and Best regards…

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  11. ReturningHome says:

    Realize this post is old, but if you’re still gathering info …
    I’m going to return to Malaysia after spending 18 years in Australia. Still a Malaysian citizen. I’m hopeful that Malaysia has changed since i last saw it 5 years ago. Returning home as family is there, good food, great people, culture and while the politics are still complex, i believe the government is making an effort to change.

    Malaysians abroad can always decide to return to the country where they have PR if they dislike the direction Malaysia is going.

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