Universiti Sains Malaysia researchers want to hear about your experiences!

I received this email from a researcher at the School of Management at USM, Associate Professor Quah Chun Hoo, who along with Dr. Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal is conducting research into an interesting topic that is a natural follow-up to the questions posed in my survey – How effective is Malaysia’s Brain Gain Programme in luring back the Malaysian Diaspora? 

If you are are 25 and above, possess a diploma, and consider yourself either now or in the past part of the Malaysian diaspora, they would like to hear from you!

This is what they are looking for:

“Via conversations/interviews, we hope your answers can help us firm up our questionnaire as well as shed light on some of these questions:

a)    What motivated you to return to Malaysia after all their years abroad?  Was it more of the “push” or “pull” factors?

b)    Apart from the traditional push and pull factors, were there any other “personal” or “professional” reasons that motivated you to move back to Malaysia?  For example, need to care for elderly parents, take over family business, personal lifestyle, etc.

c)    Did you find the new incentives under the Returning Experts Programme (REP), like the 15% transitional income tax incentive and tax free incentive for 2 cars attractive?

d)    Was your international experience, knowledge and competencies gained during their years abroad “helpful/relevant” to what they are currently doing?

e)    What was the opportunity cost of your decision to move back to Malaysia?

f)    Was the length of your stay abroad a major factor in their decision to return?

g)    How has been your experience back in Malaysia to date?  Are you enjoying their stay or are you contemplating uprooting themselves once again?   If the latter, why?

h)    Did your spouses and children encounter any issues with their PR or schooling matters?

i)    For those who had taken up the REP but have since returned to their adopted homeland, would you consider the “diaspora option” more viable as compared to the “brain gain” option in helping Malaysia in its transformational programme?  If yes, why?  If no, why?

j)    Suggestions for improving the existing REP.

Please contact us at:

Dr. Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal (siti_rohaida@usm.my) or Associate Professor Quah Chun Hoo (quah@usm.my).”

This can be a great opportunity to not only express your opinion on matters of personal and broader societal importance, but to get them heard by the right people who can work on creating better policies to deal with returnees.

So what are you waiting for? Email the professors, be heard! And keep your comments and emails coming: I may not reply to all of them, but I do read all of them and  am very honored that you are willing to share your life experiences with me.

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